Julie Kay BellyBye Post Birth Belly Binder - Black

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Bind your belly after baby the correct way with the incredible BellyBye belly binder designed by Physiotherapist Julie Kay.

The Julie Kay BellyBye 
is a post birth and post pregnancy belly binder that speeds up recovery and helps return your body back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Benefits of using the BellyBye Post Birth Belly Binder:

  • Flattens your belly after birth
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Supports your back and pelvis
  • Lessens pain after a C-section birth
  • Enhances blood circulation and healing
  • Improves your functional ability and mobility
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Defines your shape

Restore your body with the BellyBye. Bind your belly after your baby is born the correct way with the incredible BellyBye Belly Binder designed by Physiotherapist Julie Kay. 

The BellyBye is a belly binder with a unique double, flexible back strut system for back support. The BellyBye is made of soft, breathable, elastic material that allows for adjusting as your belly shrinks after birth.

The BellyBye has a unique design that lifts pressure up and out of your pelvic or lower belly area.

Other belly wrapping techniques and products can put increased pressure through the top of the belly which can cause pelvic floor and structure problems. The BellyBye is specially designed to avoid this issue.

The double strap design allows for this pressure difference and added support directly in front of your uterus and lower belly. The goal of belly binding after baby is to support, lift and heal this area!

The BellyBye is designed to compress and support your belly, lower back, pelvis and hips.

Gentle lower abdominal muscle activation is beneficial when using the BellyBye.

When to start wearing your Belly Binder

We recommend wearing the BellyBye as early as one or two days after the birth of your  baby.

The BellyBye can be worn after a natural or C-section birth. It greatly reduces the pain after a C-section as the cut is well supported while also enhancing healing.

The BellyBye should be worn every day and night for at least 2 weeks after baby is born.


When to stop wearing your Belly Binder

Begin reducing the time you wear your BellyBye Belly Binder from 2 weeks up to the 6-week mark. After 6 weeks your abdominal muscles should be doing the work!

The BellyBye is only available in black as other colours get very dirty with all the postpartum fluids.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via Whatsapp +44 7440 072341 or email: hello@juliekay-bellyway.com