The Julie Kay Belly Way Story


Julie Kay Belly Way began as a passion project! It was Julie’s passion to ease women through the journey of becoming mom. As a Physiotherapist Julie believed that one of the ways to help mothers was to find a solution to relieve their bodily aches and pains and leave them feeling good about themselves, both during pregnancy and after baby is born.

Julie Kay has treated maternity and postartum patients for years and her core belief is that a healthy, pain-free supported woman makes motherhood that much easier. Looking after one’s physical body and health should be a primary concern as this can be lost while putting the needs of baby first.

The maternal body goes through so many changes and can be put under great strain during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Maintaining a woman’s health during pregnancy includes the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of mom.

Julie gave birth to twin girls in 2011 and supported her heavy twin belly with a pregnancy support belt. She also started binding her belly a few days after her twins were born. Her results were incredible and by supporting her body in these ways she returned quickly to her optimal physical state. The state where she could be the best mother she could!

Binding the belly after baby is an art that has been practiced by women for centuries! Belly binding has been lost in a few cultures, and this could be a result of pregnancy becoming seen as a medical condition instead of the most beautiful, natural process.

Julie began treating maternity patients in 2013 and would always recommend a belly binder or abdominal binder to moms after they gave birth. After seeing and working with almost every brand of pregnancy support belt and belly binder on the market, she saw where the short falls were and designed her own support belts. As a physiotherapist she knew where and why the body needed support. Julie then worked closely with an Orthopedic brace and medical manufacture company in South Africa to create the perfect belly solutions.

Using support belts during and after pregnancy can have wonderful results if done correctly. There are many maternity products and belts on the market that can cause more harm than good. Many maternity belts and postpartum belly binders are designed in a way that puts pressure through the lower abdomen and cause damage to the pelvic floor and female anatomy!

In 2017 Julie Kay’s designs were ready to help moms! The first mom and baby show she exhibited at was an incredible success and moms were able to feel the benefits of correct support during and after pregnancy firsthand. This is when Julie truly realised the power of her products!

Julie’s main goal was to remove the elements of pain and discomfort and leave women feeling good while navigating their motherhood journey.

The Julie Kay range is well received by not only moms, but their partners, dads to be, parents and friends, as they take joy in the relief they witness! The people who love mom want to see her happy and pain-free.

The Julie Kay range is primarily physical products that ease the adverse effects of pregnancy and postpartum changes. The BellyUp and the BellyBye are the key focus products and are designed to support the body as well as offer comfort and ease of use.

Along with supporting mothers in the physical, Julie Kay believes that advice and psychological support is key to health. Julie is directly involved with clients, patients, and parents while they journey through parenthood. Julie takes immense pleasure in sharing her advice and conveying her understanding of the physical body and how this is also linked to the psychology and mental wellbeing of mothers, fathers, and caregivers.

Pregnancy can take its toll on the body and Julie is of the opinion that pain should not be normalized. Pain, disease, and discomfort at any point in life, especially during pregnancy, should be addressed and managed. The BellyUp was designed just for this! The BellyUp pregnancy support brace alleviates an extensive list of common pregnancy ailments. The BellyUp is there to protect and preserve your body during pregnancy which limits negative effects throughout the following stages of life.

The BellyUp pregnancy support belt and the BellyBye postpartum belly binder do not cause muscle weakness. It is important to keep in mind that the abdominal muscles move during pregnancy and are under stress. The added support both during and after pregnancy supports muscle integrity and helps them heal after baby is born. After 6 weeks of using the BellyBye it is important to start weaning your body off it so that your muscles can start doing the work!

Most women struggle with the shape and form of their postpartum body. At some level we all want our bodies to look a certain way and to be strong and dependable. The BellyBye was designed to support the postpartum body physically and to shape the body at the same time. The compression effect of the BellyBye enhances the healing process.

The correct way of binding is so important! The BellyBye is designed to lift the pressure out of the lower part of the pelvis which limits damage to the pelvic floor muscles. The BellyBye can be used after natural delivery and after C-section. The BellyBye reduces pain after C-section as well as swelling and inflammation after any birth. The back hip, pelvic and abdominal support the BellyBye offers is unmatched! Healing is promoted through enhanced blood flow because of the compression.

Julie Kay loves the network of moms her products have created. Julie Kay encourages mothers, clients, and patients to stay connected! If you have any questions or concerns and comments, we love hearing from you to help you through this journey.

Let Julie Kay help to preserve, protect and restore your body both during and after pregnancy!