Julie Kay Belly Way

Products designed by Physiotherapist Julie Kay to help Preserve, Protect and Restore your body during and after Pregnancy!

Julie Kay Belly Way

Preserve, Protect and Restore your body during and after Pregnancy!

BellyUp Pregnancy Support Brace

Support your pregnant body correctly with the unique BellyUp pregnancy support belt.

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Bind your belly after baby the correct way with the incredible BellyBye belly binder designed by Physiotherapist Julie Kay.

BellyBye Post Birth Belly Binder

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BellyLegs are specialized compression stockings that improve the effectiveness of veins in the legs and reduce swelling.

BellyLegs Compression Stockings

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Designed by Physiotherapist, Julie Kay.

Our premium quality belly braces and added support products are a must have during and after pregnancy.

The Julie Kay range are products created by Physiotherapist Julie Kay after years of experience in treating pregnant mothers. Julie Kay will help you navigate your body during and after pregnancy.  

Relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and support your pregnant body.

Define your shape and flatten your belly after baby!

Highly recommended by medical professionals as a support solution during and after pregnancy.

Julie Kay preserves, protects and restores your body during this special time and returns you to your desired shape after baby!



Kathy Carr
“I feel completely supported by the BellyUp. Gives relief to my back and lifts
my belly. Great to know it is designed by a physio who knows what she’s doing.”

Lauren Malan
“I tried 2 other binders and the BellyBye is by far the best. You feel it
working immediately and I can put it on myself. The most important investment in yourself!”

Joyce West
“I regret not buying the BellyUp when I was 2 months pregnant. It would have changed my life!!”

Kezia Talbot
“It feels really supportive, and it takes the pressure off my back!”

Chene Jooste
“The Belly Up gives immediate relief from pain, because I have lower back pain.
You feel lighter! The support in the lower back is amazing.”